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Fuzhou Hefeng Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in research, development, production and manufacture of FRP in Fujian Province. 
The company is only 8 kilometers away from the city center, 150 meters east of Fuzhou-Xiamen Highway (324 National Highway); 26 kilometers away from Mawei Port; 45 kilometers away from Changle International Airport, with convenient water, land and air transportation. 
 The company mainly produces all kinds of FRP cooling towers - counter-flow constant (medium and high) temperature round (square) cooling towers, cross-flow square cooling towers, jet cooling towers, sewage cooling towers. All kinds of FRP containers - Chemical elliptical (cylindrical) horizontal (vertical) tank truck, storage tank; square combined water tank, spherical water tank, cylindrical horizontal (vertical) water tank, heat preservation water tank, aquaculture tank, heat preservation seedling box and so on; FRP anti-corrosion fan - roof fan, centrifugal fan, mixed flow fan, axial flow fan, etc. Machine, etc. FRP pultrusion profiles - round pipe, square pipe, bar, angle steel, channel steel; FRP waste gas purification equipment - FRP absorption tower, purification tower, neutralization tower, etc. FRP fishery boats, Park boats...
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